Every SMI client seeks to achieve its outcomes and deliver its products and services without error or variation, at low cost, and in the shortest possible time to ensure the highest levels of customer and stakeholder satisfaction. Through SMI’s master black-belt expertise in Lean Six Sigma DMAIC and DMADV, we are able to help identify root causes, develop effective countermeasures, and drive dramatic improvements.

Process Improvement

Process management and process improvement represent the operational excellence elements necessary to underpin successful strategic planning and strategy execution. By reducing errors and mistakes, eliminating re-work, shortening cycle time, and better aligning processes to customer expectations, organizations are better able to deliver results and achieve their desired outcomes.

Leadership of complex organizations today demands a robust strategic plan and an awareness of the tools and processes to create and manage that plan. SMI takes leaders through the essential aspects required to meet these goals and needs.

President and CEO, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences