SMI is known for being at team of erudite management engineers, methodology experts, and process virtuosos.

In addition, the team also possesses highly complementary knowledge that pertains to certain sectors, functional areas, and emerging fields.  It is this cross-matrix of strategy discipline expertise and speciality knowledge areas that further distinguishes our capabilities.

White Papers

The Disruption of the Higher-Ed Business Model — A Board Primer



  • Health Tech Innovation

    Implementing innovation models that incorporate rapid developments in healthcare-impacting technologies

  • Sales Effectiveness

    Establishing go to market strategies, measuring and monitoring sales force performance

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

    Assessing baseline culture, attitudes and practices, development roadmaps for change

  • Climate and Social Sustainability

    Creating Shared Value for businesses and integrating government, non-profits and communities

  • Higher Education Financial Sustainability

    Transforming institutions amidst reduced enrollments and government funding

  • Association Membership Growth

    Understand demographic shift and changing attitudes to drive value

  • Politically-driven Governance Structures

    Integrating externally appointed governing bodies into the strategy development process

  • Consolidation in Blood, Tissue and Organ Donation Fields

    Focusing on competing, efficiencies and revenue diversification

I repeatedly rely on SMI’s erudite knowledge of how to help a board and leadership team to effectively formulate and manage a strategic plan.

CEO, Technology Council of Maryland