SMI is most often associated as a trusted advisor to client leadership teams. Through a combination of facilitation of teams, consulting on methodologies, training and teaching to groups, and coaching of individuals, SMI engages via the most effective engagement modes.

Our Services
  • Facilitation

    SMI provides expert facilitation for strategic plan development via retreats and workshops. We specialize in the methodological approach and architecture of strategies and performance models.

  • Consulting

    SMI provides highly-tailored consulting engagements to ensure each approach works within a client’s culture and organizational reality.

  • Coaching

    SMI provides individual and group coaching to enable individuals to best learn and incorporate best-practice management methodologies into their personal styles and to aid in effective decision making.

  • Training

    SMI provides in-house training and custom-tailor curricula to individuals and teams on specific strategic planning, strategy management techniques, and organizational excellence methodologies.

Leadership of complex organizations today demands a robust strategic plan and an awareness of the tools and processes to create and manage that plan. SMI takes leaders through the essential aspects required to meet these goals and needs.

President and CEO, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences